When it comes to your translation needs, YKS is the best!

When it comes to your translation needs, YKS is the best!

Translation quality depends on the language abilities of the translator, which is why we only employ the most skilled and experienced language professionals. But these characteristics alone are not enough. Our translators also have extensive knowledge of the subject matter that they are translating.

That’s why YKS is the best for your translation needs.

Quality: YKS uses professional translators whose native tongue is a target language. We employ translators with more than three years experience who have high expertise in the field. And we hire the best and quickest translators after thoroughly vetting their skill level. That is how YKS can offer the highest quality of service to our clients. Furthermore, YKS crosschecks translated materials with bilingual staff to ensure accuracy in our language services.

Rate: We know price matters. YKS Services provides a free estimate for each project. We base our rate on the original text, rather than the finished work. That way, you will know how much your translation project will end up costing. We of course adjust our rate corresponding to the volume of the project, or whether it will be an ongoing, continuous assignment.

Completion: A project entailing 3,000 Japanese characters or 1,000 English words can be completed within 24 hours. In addition, we can always take advantage of the time difference between the US and Japan, where our partner company is located. We can promise a quicker turnaround than our competition.

Confidentiality: YKS Services understands the importance of confidentiality; we take measures to keep all data we receive from our clients secure. YKS contract translators, interpreters, and transcribers do the same and of course we make sure that they sign the NDA (Independent Contractor and Non-Disclosure Agreement); Your data is safe with YKS.

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When it comes to your translation needs, YKS is the best!